5 Star Service Experience

Douglas M. 1/25/20/20 Yelp

Whirlpool scheduled warranty repair with Quaker City for my washer. Within an hour, Quaker City called and politely explained I would receive a call the evening before or morning of the service appt to confirm time. Brandon called the morning of and arrived on time. He was professional, very willing to explain everything he was doing, options I had, and provide useful tips regarding this Whirlpool HE toploading clothes washer. I read but very seldom write reviews. Having read some of the negative reviews here I was concerned when Whirlpool scheduled this service call … but those concerns dissipated within an hour of the appt being scheduled thanks to the call I received from Quaker City … and Brandon was polite and a knowledgeable professional. If I was to ever need another repair for this washer, I would request that Whirlpool send Quaker City.

David G.  12/18/2019   Yelp

Wanted to add in Alissa, who I just spoke with on a follow up from a recent visit, she was awesome!  I can’t tell you how nice everyone has been at Quaker City Service.  

Had a freezer issue on my Whirlpool refrigerator actually the freezer, called Whirlpool and they said it was out of warranty by nine months, the refrigerator was brand new and I pleaded with Whirlpool to stand behind their product, they did.  They said they’d have Quaker City contact us.  Adam was PHENOMENAL as he came out took a look, knew exactly what the issue was, called the office, had the tech that did the replacing of the coils order the parts as they tried to get us fixed before Thanksgiving.  They really tried but Whirlpool sent the wrong part, but kudos to Quaker City for trying to help save our Thanksgiving by trying to get there asap.  Fast forward to the week after Thanksgiving and Tony (another PHENOMENAL tech) came out to the home with parts in hand.  More than a few parts, as he said, he wanted to make sure all the right parts we ordered and I felt that was above and beyond.

Tony was so proper, cordial, professional, nice personality.   I’m always nervous letting people in for repairs, but this guy couldn’t have been nicer or, couldn’t have been more organized.  He laid out all the tools, all the parts on a drop cloth, SO organized he was.  I really couldn’t have been happier as this guy Tony turned out to really love his job, he’s been there over 20 years and both Adam and Tony are a great representative to the company.  I’m surprised to see these reviews as we’ve been under their care for two Whirlpool items and both have been above average in customer service.

I just called the office and spoke to Meg, she was just as awesome.  Great personality, polite, pleasant and super nice. I’d use them again in a heart beat!
Thanks Meg, Tony and Adam and Alissa for the excellence in service.

Jen M. 2/1/2020 Yelp

Awesome service, starting with the rep when she called to set up the appointment! Had a DW issue that was covered due to it being a known issue. Called Kitchenaid – who set me up with an appointment a week out. The Quaker City rep called right back and said she could put the repair in for Saturday (2 days away instead). The night before the appointment the service tech called to confirm the time. He was on time, professional, and did a great job completing the repair.

Lisa Y. 2/7/2020 Yelp

I purchased a new Whirlpool dishwasher from Best Buy a few months ago(I didn’t get the extra service coverage). I had only used it a handful of times when the detergent drawer lid wouldn’t close. I called Whirlpool(it was still under the one-year warranty) and they had me contact Quaker City. They came out the next week. The appointment time wasn’t exact but I was home all day so it was ok. The tech, Nate, was really great- professional, kind, knew exactly what to do and had the correct parts to fix it. I’ll definitely use Quaker City Service for any future appliance issues.

Lisa C. 9/22/2019 Yelp

This is my second review. I had another request where my ice maker was not working.

I called on this past Friday..the person who answered the phone..Meg was extremely accommodating.

I asked for Tony again..she said unfortunately he will not be in your area Monday for us to schedule a call. I asked if she could reach out and see when he might be available.

I immediately got a call minutes later and she told me that he would make an exception and come Saturday morning which was the next day. That was unexpected and I was very grateful especially because I thought I would have to wait at least a few days before he could come out.

As always he was polite, efficient and advised us regarding other information going above and beyond!! I will be requesting him again in the future. I also want to comment on how appreciative I was for Meg to go the extra mile too

Amber G.  6/15/2019 Yelp

Good technician–very helpful and fixed everything quickly. Showed us how to avoid problems in the future.  Thankful they helped us avoid replacing our fridge and got it running better than ever.

Erin C.  2/12/2019 Yelp

Great experience! Whirlpool contracted Quaker City to come out and fix a warranty issue with our brand new dishwasher. The service man called ahead of time and we discussed the issue and was able to diagnose it over the phone. He ordered the part for the next day. He was prompt and on time for his appointment. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficiently made the repair.

Caro H .  4/5/2019 Yelp

I saw the harsh reviews of this business and since they were the authorized repair for kitchenaid, I was justifiably concerned.  I shouldn’t have been.  The company came when they said, performed their job perfectly and even offered me a less expensive option.  Not sure why others were so upset.  I have serious doubts about the quality of the kitchenaid refrigerator – having had a sub-zero – which is a little like having a mercedes and now driving a lesser vehicle – but that is not the repair company’s problem.  I would have them back – which I am sure will happen knowing the slipshod construction of my kitchenaid refrigerator.

Kendrah R.  8/12/2016  Yelp

Range repair.  I was connected with them through Kitchen Aid.  They came the next day.  Gave a two hour time window and came within that time frame.  The guy was incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, knew his stuff.  I was expecting a major nightmare.  Best service repair experience I have ever had.  

It is fair to gripe about pricing structure – having to pay just to have someone come out to give an estimate.  However, that is standard for this industry and what you will find with most any service repair call

Hedi B.  3/16/2017 Yelp

Very pleased with our service. Tom was professionally dressed and he did a fantastic job with our refrigerator!! Would call him back again for any other issues, of which I hope there are none. 🙂

Green O. 2/18/2016 Yelp

Very happy with the service I received, from the scheduling people to the repair technician “Tom” who repaired my Maytag range.  He knew his stuff, and was very pleasant and friendly too.  I was originally hesitant to use them due to the “1 star” reviews I had seen online.  But – this was the closest agent that Maytag would send out.  In the end, I could have been happier with the service I was provided, and I will definitely keep their number for future service.

Dyana W.  9/29/2016 Yelp

Nate from Quaker City Service came to my home to repair my Whirlpool washing machine and dryer. I requested an early morning appointment so I wouldn’t be hostage in my home and off from work all day. Happy when I heard from Nate like clockwork at 9am the day of my appointment. He informed me that I would be his first stop and I was elated when he arrived shortly thereafter. Nate was punctual, warm, professional and fixed my problems. You never know how these service appointments will turn out, however I was delighted with his manner and the resolution of my issues.

Patrick O.  Jan 2020 Facebook

I had a great experience with Quaker City Service. Tom was excellent and professional. I would highly recommend to anyone

Andrew A. Jan 2020 Facebook

Quaker City has been out for various warranty repairs on my Kitchenaid refrigerator. Each time, they were on time, took the time to explain what they were doing and fixed the problem the first time. Thanks guys (and gals)!

Steve D.  Jan 2019 Facebook

They have been our appliance repair company for well over 30 years. Always quick, convenient service by an experienced tech. Highest recommendation.

Linda P. Jan 2019 Facebook

Excellent service from the moment I called. Knowledgeable and friend staff and technicians. I would highly recommend Quaker City Service

Ryan B.  Jan 2019 Facebook

I had a great experience with these guys, 10/10 would recommend.

Richard S. Jan 2019 Facebook

They are quick and extremely knowledgeable

Saul Z.  May 2019 Facebook

Tony did a great job for my stove

Alea S. Jan 2019 Facebook

Very reputable & certified through Whirl[ppl so I am able to reep all the benefits of the manufacturer through them!!